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As most savvy entertainment seekers and content creators know, Instagram’s usefulness goes far beyond your social circle. And even far beyond your local community. It also has a very useful tool for keeping current with what’s going on in the sector you care about: Instagram feed. The more you use Instagram, the more it will automate your newsfeed with valuable information based on what you tend to care about at the moment.

Nevertheless, this is where a  good number of people get stuck. With so many individuals worth following, it gets difficult to know what’s what. So most people just end up following the prominent big names—Arianna Huffington, and Bill Gates—and not gaining as much out of it as they desire. (They’re amazing, of course, but also super amazing that it’s sometimes difficult to relate.)

Instagram is one of the best social media out there it’s not a surprise it should be one of your go-to places when it comes to crypto content, especially knowing that the crypto sector is rapidly evolving and a fast-growing industry. It requires you to keep up to date (even a minute), you know how the saying goes, the early bird takes the worm.

Here are a few ideas of crypto Instagram accounts to follow depending on your objective.



Top 30 crypto Instagram accounts to follow

BitBoy Crypto is the place to go on Instagram to get the current crypto trend, project analysis, and cryptocurrency trading guidance. Ben Armstrong will educate you on various altcoins, Bitcoin cycles and the latest Ethereum news.

He(BitBoy) has been in the industry for a while and undoubtedly ranks among one of the industry’s top YouTubers.

Personally, This is easily the #No1 for me, reason is how he simplifies his teaching and never holds back his cold hard facts!

The members of his community are called the Bit Squad, the most fiercely devoted group in crypto.

Check out BitBoy on Instagram


Top 30 crypto Instagram accounts to follow

Cointelegraph covers everything Bitcoin, bringing you the belated news, price action, research and analysis, with a focus on experts’ views and report from the digital currency community.

This page offers you more than your standard crypto news because there’s great wisdom and information in the captions, along with the awesome infographics and quotes published by the account.

Checkout Cointelegraph on Instagram 



Cryptoexplorer is the account to Start With Crypto! they make crypto simple. CryptoExplorer is one of the best eLearning platforms and the world’s largest Instagram community for crypto lovers.

I commend their creativity in conveying crypto news, and lessons without exhausting their audiences.

Check out CryptoExplorer on Instagram


Top 30 crypto Instagram accounts to follow

CryptoWendyO is among a new category of influencers within the crypto sector narrating the stormy tide of crypto markets, redefining how young audiences receive their financial news and report.

Wendy O manage the biggest and most-watched female-run crypto program globally on YouTube, “The O Show,” which concentrates on getting the crypto-savvy report to the audiences in a clear and easy-to-understand format

Checkout CryptoWendyO on Instagram



Altcoinpost is an Instagram account that promotes edifying posts, reports, and news updates regarding cryptocurrency. As the name might indicate they do not only focus on altcoin, they also cover Bitcoin as well.

It has a strength of over 261k followers and it is a part of diverse social media profiles. They are also available on Facebook and Twitter.


TheCryptograph is a Scotland-based media company that designed attractive infographics to convey the latest and informative cryptocurrency news on Instagram.

Similar to Cryptoexplorer, yet peculiar in creativity.

Checkout TheCryptograph on Instagram


CryptoDreams is not among the top 30 crypto accounts to follow by chance

CryptoDreams page delivers educative posts, crypto reports, a free technical analysis lesson among other important gems you can get on their page for free.

It is working to create a community of technical analysts so as to produce constant daily profits to achieve financial freedom for their audiences.

Checkout CryptoDreams on Instagram



Since its launch a few years ago ShareCrypto has been delivering educational content which covers news and data within the cryptocurrency space.

Today, They are one of the biggest cryptocurrency existing communities  on the platform

Checkout ShareCrypto on Instagram


9.Felix Hartmann

Hartmann works as the Managing Partner of Hartmann Digital Assets Fund, a crypto hedge fund.

Hartmann’s emphasis and expertise in the domain of digital assets have led him to advise billion-dollar merchant banks, G8 nations, as well as made him one of the first teachers on the subject of bitcoin and blockchain at multiple universities.

Hartman a well-known crypto hedge fund manager and author consistently deliver both trading and life tips on his Instagram account.

Checkout Felix Hartman on Instagram


Ok, we’ve had enough serious crypto Instagram accounts, it’s time to look at some fun ones!  One of my choices is cryptohumor. AS the name suggests they are consistently posting some amazing things that actually make you wonder and also are extremely likely to bring a smile to your face.

One of my favourite recent posts is the one below:

CryptoHumor on Instagram



The extraordinary talent CryptoFinally has displayed time and time again that she can make some really top-notch crypto-related content through her crypto music.

Proharp, Cryptofinally rose to fame after the release of her song ‘Do you believe in bitcoin”

If you are looking for investor tips in the crypto space, then I recommend Cryptofinally.

Checkout Cryptofinally on Instagram 



everything_crypto feeds you with the information in the form of a meme which is entertaining. They share insight on trending topics within the crypto space which may also assist you in growing your portfolio and understanding the status of the market. They also post mixed quotes from big investors in the sector which inspires you to take an interest and take a risk in the crypto market. They share top-performing crypto in an organised manner.

Check out on  everything_crypto Instagram 

13.Girl Gone Crypto


Girl Gone Crypto is another crypto Instagram account that is increasing at a stunning rate. Girl Gone Crypto, who has unique ways of educating her audiences puts out a lot of amazing Instagram content daily.

Girl Gone crypto reels are a must-watch on Instagram!

Follow Girl_Gone_Crypto on Instagram



Cryptonary is a place where you can learn about the crypto market for free. It feeds you with a piece of clear information on stats and shares awesome facts from time to time. It also does crypto analysis and conveys the information on the Instagram account which makes it one of the top 30 crypto Instagram accounts to follow.




Coinscapture is one of the top Indian crypto markets’ Instagram accounts that we recommend you follow. The Instagram page is particularly functional and also delivers great insights into trending topics. Also, the account feeds you valuable information regarding beginner tips which you can understand to invest your valuable money in the industry.


16.Bitcoin Magazine


Bitcoin Magazine is one of the best crypto market Instagram account which feeds you crypto market news, facts, quotes from inspirational personalities, memes obviously, and many more. You can find information coupled with humour in a graphical form which is safe to tell that an individual enjoys and grab the data much faster than any other source.

They also deliver tips related to diverse topics on the crypto market and the latest news. You should follow this page if you want to be the first to know the latest information regarding the crypto market.


17.Crypto Crunch News

Crypto Crunch News is a growing crypto market influencer’s Instagram account whose primary focus is on investment and finance. It keeps on delivering every day updates on the infographics on each market segment which can eventually become very useful for you to analyze which crypto could make you money. They have all sorts of statistical data which is very useful.




CryptoBrekkie, also known as Brekkie von Bitcoin, is a Los Angeles-based crypto content creator

He is actually an artist who makes phenomenal artwork related to cryptocurrencies. Brekkie von Bitcoin Author of “Rhyming Bitcoin” rose to fame after the creation of “Blockchain and Morty”.

It’s a compelling and engaging way to understand more about cryptocurrencies.

Check CryptoBrekkie on Instagram 



StartInvestInCrypto is an Instagram account which helps to guide the beginner in the crypto space and blockchain technology. It presents various detailed information on crypto such as news, education, learning, trading and so many more.


If you want easy and up-to-date info to stay informed of all the recent developments in the crypto market then check out ethereum_updates. Constant posts give a useful, bite-sized outline of the recent crypto news stories, while the account itself has a stunning compatible graphic style.



I feel that all of these accounts are excellent to follow, and I understand that there are lots of others as well, it simply leans on what you might love to use!

You can start following some of these accounts on Instagram.  This will enable you to randomly see the value of information and that’s just going to assist you in making better decisions