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Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, recently launched the Santos FC Fan Token quiz.

The quiz offers users the opportunity to earn Santos FC Fan Tokens, which can be used to access exclusive content and experiences related to the Brazilian soccer team Santos FC. 

With the growing popularity of fan tokens, it is essential to have knowledge of the quiz questions and answers for users interested in earning the token.

This blog will provide the Santos FC Fan Token quiz answers along with tips for maximizing the number of tokens earned. Stay tuned to learn more!

Santos FC Fan Token Quiz

Q1: Binance Fan Tokens are fungible

Answer: True

Q2: To buy Binance Fan Tokens, you need to:

Answer: Log into Binance account – Click [Trade] – Buy Fan Token – Receive token via Spot Wallet.

Q3: Fans of which clubs can consider getting their team’s corresponding Binance Fan Tokens?

Answer: All apply

Q4: Santos FC Fan Token is the first Binance Fan Token Launchpool project.

Answer: True

Q5: What is the maximum token supply of SANTOS?

Answer: 30,000,000


Q6: What perks do SANTOS token holders have?

Answer: Receiving signed merchandise

Q7: What is Santos FC’s current digital fanbase?

Answer: More than 10 million followers across social networks.

Once you answered the Santos FC Fan Token quiz correctly, In just a matter of hours, you will have the opportunity to receive a highly advantageous locked earning product, courtesy of Binance.

The process involves Binance delegating a certain amount of tokens to a staking pool, which will then generate interest during the lockup period.

Once the period is over, you will be able to claim the tokens as well as the interest accrued, providing you with a lucrative reward for your participation

To ensure that you qualify for the reward, please note that it is exclusively available to new Binance users who complete KYC during March 2023. 

For users looking to engage in the Santos Quiz activity, it can be accessed through the Binance Academy’s homepage.

There, you’ll find a banner pointing towards the new activity, or you can visit this link to get started