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When people think about Trustwallet, they usually think about a mobile app, where you can buy, sell or keep your crypto assets, hoping they will increase in value. For someone exploring decentralized finance and digital currencies, Trustwallets can be a link to access the Defi space. Regardless, of whether you want to use the App to invest, make disbursements, or access the distinct solutions it offers. It is crucial to know that you can use Trust Wallet On a Desktop they are pretty easy to use


key takeaways

Trust Wallet operate only on mobile-only,

Currently,There is no any browser extention of Trustwallet.  Trust wallet was created for both Android and IOS but not for the desktop PC.

To access trustwallet on Desktop, you might need to make use of a thirdparty platform e.g Pancakeswap, Bluestacks.

At the end of this article you’ll be able to access certain trustwallet features such as DApps via your PC.

Three Key ways to use Trust Wallet on Desktop PC & Mac.

  • Via WalletConnect
  • Via Metamask Browser Extension
  • Via  Android emulator

How To Use Trust Wallet On Desktop PC|Via WalletConnect

WalletConnect is an open-source protocol that serves as the bridge that connects decentralised applications to crypto wallets via deep linking or QR scanning.WalletConnect’s feature is provided and well supported by popular mobile wallets (Such as Metamask, and Trust Wallet) and reputable Decentralised Apps such as Sushiswap, PancakeSwap e.t.c.

For illustration purposes, we will work you through how to use Trust Wallet with Uniswap on a PC via WalletConnect.

NB: This procedure works the same with any Decentralised Application that supports the WalletConnect feature.

Step 1: Launch the DApp on your PC browser.

Visit the official site of your preferred DApps

For example: To connect Trust Wallet with UniSwap via PC

Go to the official URL of the DApp exchange https://uniswap.org/

Click on the Lauch App

You will be redirected to this page (https://uniswap/swap).

To connect Trust Wallet with other Decentralized Applications such as Sushiswap, and Panckaeswap, Browse the official URL of the Exchanges.

Step 2:Tap on the [Connect Wallet] control.

To connect your trustwallet with the exchange via Walletconnect,

First and foremost, Tap on the [Connect ] button.

Step 3: Tap [WalletConnect] on the dialog.

A list of supported wallets will be displayed, Tap on [WalletConnect].

Next the QR code will be shown on your PC screen for scanning

Do not exist the QR code page, It will be needed in the coming steps.

To carry on with the next step, you will need your Phone and data connection.

Step 4: Open the Trust Wallet app on your Smartphone and Tap on [WalletConnect]

I assume you have an account on the Trustwallet App.

If not, Navigate to Playstore(Andriod users) or Appstore (IOS users)

  • Search for  “Trustwallet” via the search bar
  • Download the Trustwallet App
  • Create an account with Trustwallet App

Open the Trust Wallet app. Once you’ve entered the Trustwallet homepage.


Click on [Settings] located at the right bottom corner of your screen.

Next, click on [WalletConnect]. It will be indicated among other options in the Trust Wallet settings tab.

Step 5: Connect Your Trustwallet with PC(DApp).

Finally, to connect your trustwallet with Uniswap, Trustwallet will need to scan the Uniswap QR code on your PC.

Once Trust Wallet has scanned the QR code via your camera.

You are ready to connect your trustwallet with DApp

Finally, you need to click on the connect button to connect your trust Wallet with PC

Congratulaton you’ve successfully Trust Wallet On Desktop PC via WalletConnect’s.

With this, you have successfully connected Trust Wallet with PancakeSwap on PC. This method will work for connecting (and using) Trust Wallet with all WalletConnect-supported DApps on your PC.

Once your wallet is connected via WalletConnect, Trust Wallet will notify you to approve any transaction(s) made on your wallet.