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The Cryptocurrency Industry is a fast-growing sector, Investors are dashing in every day, exploring the crypto market.

However, due to the high investment needed to get involved in some popular coins, most average investors (You and ME) are deprived of the chance to partake in these promising projects.

For Adoption purposes, Beginners who have little to no investment funds should enjoy the benefit of Decentralised money.

That’s where Crypto faucets(e.g Matic Faucets) come into play.

Similar to how Faucets in Kitchen works, Crypto Faucets borrowed the name because the rewards are very small, like drops of water dripping from a faucet. It is not a means to get rich but can play a great role in getting you started in the crypto journey.

What Is a MATIC Faucet?

Getting free crypto isn’t hard, you just need to watch out for legit opportunities.

Big institutions are eager to welcome the new birds into the sectors. Therefore, programs are set in place to attract beginners, to convert them into customers.

A Matic faucet is a program designated by exchanges or platforms in which a small quantity of Matic tokens is shared among users, as a reward for completing certain tasks.

With MATIC faucet, this is a chance that new investors can explore the polygon industry without investing a dime into it.

Although, this opportunity wouldn’t make you quit your job but is quite a decent reward, especially for users living in underdeveloped countries.

Before we proceed in listing the Ways to earn free Matic, here is what you should know


Matic Faucets is our website or Mobile App that rewards its users with free Matic for completing tasks

MATIC faucet is suitable for users who have enough time.

To participate in some faucets, you might be required to do your KYC registration or fill in CAPTCHAs

Matic Faucet pays you a small quantity of Matic tokens to get you started in your crypto journey only.

How does MATIC Faucet work?

There are various kinds of MATIC faucets and they all work in the same way-Completing tasks.

These tasks might be playing video games, filling in a survey or answering quiz questions in exchange for receiving free MATIC coins with the use of your mobile phone.

Faucets are incorporated with a wallet that keeps all your Matic tokens obtained via completing assigned tasks. You can withdraw your funds once you’ve reached your predetermined limit.

However, in some cases, you might be required to submit your Matic wallet address and payment might be instantaneous.

To earn Free Matic is easy. All you need is a phone with an internet connection and your preferred Matic faucet.

The tougher the task, the higher the return.

What are the Benefits of MATIC Faucet?

When it comes to making some extra cash in your leisure time, it seems that MATIC faucets can fit in the ratio perfectly,

Here are the benefits of participating in MATIC Faucets

  • It doesn’t require any form of qualification or expertise. 
  • No need for an initial investment or capital
  • It is a means to earn free money. 
  • It is a practical way of introducing new users to the Matic world(e.g Matic wallet, price e.t.c)

The cons of MATIC faucets?

Participating in MATIC Faucets is not all rosy. There are plenty of negative factors you need to consider, too. Here are some of the biggest Cons of participating in a Faucets.

  • It can serve as a way to illegally obtain user’s details
  • It consumes time.
  • The return or reward is very small.

What are the Platforms that give out Free Matic?


Coinpot is a free Multicoin Faucet launched back in March 2018. Similar to other popular platforms, Users earn free crypto by completing certain tasks, such as clicking links, watching ads, participating in referral contests or answering quizzes.

The five basic steps in starting up with Coinpot involve:

  • Sign up(Become a user)
  • Verify (Verify email)
  • Do Tasks(view ads, clicks, referrals e.t.c)
  • Earn coin
  • Withdraw(Into MATIC token)

Matic Supply

Matic Supply is a Faucet that gives out a small fraction of Matic tokens to start your crypto journey without actually buying some.
Unlike some websites, frustrating users with plenty of ads and spamming email messages, Matic supply reward its user with a one-time reward – 0.0005 Matic.
To receive this reward, all you need is to connect your wallet to the site.
The major aim of this faucet is not to get you rich quickly but just to make your Polygon journey smoother.
Faucet Timer: 3 times a day
Minimum Withdrawal: 0.0005 MATIC
Withdrawal Fee: 0.0005 MATIC

Similarly to how Matic Supply works, Freebird Finance provides an opportunity to earn a fraction of Matic by connecting your wallet to the platform.

After connecting your wallet, A bonus of 0.0001 MATIC will be sent to your wallet.

Faucet Timer: 3 times a day
Minimum Withdrawal: 0.0001 MATIC
Withdrawal Fee: 0.0001 MATIC

MacNCheese Finance

It is a Defi platform based on Polygon (MATIC). The company runs a DAO system, staking platform, and Polygon faucet.

To access the polygon faucet, you are required to visit their official website,

The five basic steps in starting up with MacNcheese Finance Include:

  • Visit the official Site
  • Go to the Resources category, located at the top corner of the homepage
  • Click on Matic Faucet.
  • Copy and paste your MATIC wallet address to the MacNCheese faucet page.
  • Tap on “Send 0.001 MATIC to my Address” to obtain free Matic.

The received MATIC will reflect within a few seconds in your wallet balance.

Faucet Timer: Undisclosed
Minimum Withdrawal: 0.001 MATIC
Withdrawal Fee: 0.001 MATIC

PearZap Faucet

PearZap is a High yield farm & pool on the Polygon chain focused on security and where users can lock up their crypto assets for high interest.

The PearZap community has decided to provide the newbie with free first entry to the Polygon chain to start enjoying the world of cryptocurrency.

With the introduction of MATIC faucets into their platform, Users can receive 0.0005 MATIC for free! This quantity of MATIC will not make you rich, but it’s enough to complete your first 10 transactions on the Polygon Blockchain without worrying about gas fees. 

 Here are five steps to get you started :
  • Visit  https://faucet.pearzap.com/
  • Tap connect button to connect your wallet (e.g Trustwallet)
  • Solve the captcha
  • Click on the receive button
A Small quantity of 0.0005 MATIC will reflect in your wallet after a few seconds.

Binance/Coinbase Earn Program

Binance/Coinbase Earn Program allows beginners to receive cryptocurrencies while acquiring knowledge about crypto sectors.

With this program, you have access to educational content and also the chance to make small crypto.

BAT, XLM, and MATIC, among others, are some of the cryptocurrencies these exchanges offer their students.

To get started with the Learn to Earn Program,  visit the official site of your preferred Exchange and sign up

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