How to get a girlfriend/Ultimate Guide

During this article, I’ll share with you the strategies that have really work for me on how to get a girlfriend

I had my first girlfriend at the age of 15 .it was a stimulating experience of my life although for me it had been love at first sight but not for her, I had to win her over, Alright enough about me, let’s make you a better man now, shall we?

Why you won’t get a girlfriend!

Excuse: you cannot be perfect, there’ll be that a part of you that’s not pretty, but don’t let it stop, you from approaching her, life is just too short to be fantasizing on’ what it could have been’ when you can make it happen!

Lack of confidence: lack of confidence turns girls off, this is often the rationale why most guys who never have girlfriend or guys who financial status is a low fail in attracting the women, it’s not due to their financial situation but believing they are not man enough before you can win any lady over, you must be positive on your worth.

Want it badly; have you ever heard this popular saying ‘ what consumes your mind controls your life ‘? You cant have a girlfriend, if you’re desperate, you need to point to her, your world doesn’t revolve around her only.

Why you would like a girlfriend?


You may achieve success in other areas of your life but if your romantic life isn’t a hit, then you’re missing a lot!

There is more to girlfriend than sex or pleasure!

It’s an opportunity to improve on how you see things, rather than doing the boys stuff in the dark, I guess you understand what I mean, you’ll be productive together with your time, going on a date together with her, having funs and talking about things that basically matters to you, to someone that cares to listen.


These are the proven ways this special bond can improve you!

Faith in oneself: consistent with my personal experience, Getting a girlfriend who cares about you, changes the way you think, it a just like a switch has been flicked, you believe in yourself quite before.

You become creative: contrary to what people think, a relationship is another source of distractions, dating a woman who is positive brings the simplest out of you.

You get things done: Having a girlfriend doesn’t make your life struggles disappear but with a special person you’ll rest on, it makes it easier to deal with!


In this article, let me share with you the ultimate guide/phases on how to get a girlfriend!.

  • The Hunting phase
  • The going to know phase
  • The final phase


The Hunting phase

You probably have someone in mind or still looking, either way, these are three ways to urge you the proper lady and boost your chances of being your girlfriend

Your purpose of getting a girlfriend.

if you recognize ‘your why’ of getting a girlfriend, then your chances of getting one increases, you would like to ask yourself, is it for the pleasure otherwise you want to be loved, find your purpose

Your spec.

A spec is an ideal lady you’re interested in, I’ll be easy for you to acknowledge your potential girlfriend if you have already got an attribute you seek in a partner, e.g should she be funny, honest dancer e.t.c

Check the compatibility.

Guys get rejected often because they expect the proper thing from a wrong person, you can’t get an Alcohol from a candy store.

See if she wants equivalent things you would like in a relationship, eg if you would like to be loved, check if she is up for it.

The going to know phase

How to get a girlfriend / complete guide

After days of hunting, you finally see someone who caught your eyes, the special one you would like as a girlfriend, the GTK phase is what comes next

Immediately you approach a woman, It takes a few minutes for her to make a decision how you’re going to fit in her life, if you would like your name to stay echoing in her head, then your approach has got to be solid here,

Important things you should specialize in:

Your Outfit
Communication skills
Eyes on the prize

Your Outfit.

This is often greatly important, it speaks before you’re given the prospect to talk.

Wear something simple and inline together with your personality.

It doesn’t get to be expensive if you’ve got jewellery wear it to spicy it up, but if no , it’s okay , just make sure you feel good in whatsoever you’re wearing.

Communication skills:

While some guys find conversation with girls easy, for me it had been difficult initially but with lots of practice and with the assistance of these three tools, it becomes easy!

I call them J.F.C!

  • Jokes
  • Flirt
  • Compliment

You can add but removing any of these three, reduce the effectiveness of your communication.

Jokes: it’s being proven that being funny is one of the qualities that attract most girls.

Generally, ladies connect easily with guys that don’t take things seriously

However, you do not need to be a stand-up comedian before you win her over.

A relaxed mind and a playful tone will make her laugh her way to giving you her number, just kidding! But this may boost your chance of getting your reward afterward

Flirt: Certainly, I, suppose you don’t want to win the ‘funny guy’ title alone, you would like to be more! Then you want to send the signal you want more, flirt is important because it boosts attraction and breaks any longer possibility of friendzone

For instance ;

If she is sitting at the bar, you may use one among Apollonia Ponti special line I really like, ‘ I have only get my eyes on one thing, I do not know if she is sitting in my front or behind me but it’s your guess’ using something almost like this, sow the seed of attraction in her, she might start brooding about you, even right after you’re gone.

Compliment: don’t underestimate the facility of compliments. when talking to a woman a real compliment draws her heart closer to you.

Simple compliment guide to go with a girl?

Before you walk to her, inspect her;

  • unique feature. E.g her long hair, blue eyes
  • Accessories she pays most attention to e.g bag, shoe, watch
  • Finally do not forget to use aind words to describe her such as ‘You are lovely’,

With the use of the above guide to compliment a gal, gives you a boost in winning her over

Common mistakes you ought to avoid in GTK phase:

Abusing the three tools ‘JFC’: Everything must be balanced, same as the three tools of effective communication.

Don’t clinch to at least one word over the others. Avoid an excessive amount of jokes, compliments, and flirt.

Shifting the conversation far away from her: Your biography is none of her business at this moment, make her the middle of the discussion.

Generally, girls are often shy to open up ahead of a stranger, best thanks to this popular method where you make her relax by asking questions, stuffs that arent deep e.g where she gets her bags, watch e.t.c

Gabby: If you finally have her attention, don’t ruin it by not knowing it is time to go away.

After the great approach and great conversation, the little question she enjoyed equally of it, this is often where most guys fail, they await when the conversation is getting cold or the instant they need nothing else to mention before leaving, it is harmful

The best way to end a conversation with a woman is to go away when the conversation is hot or at its peak.

You can give an excuse for leaving but do not forget your goal.

Eyes on the goal!

One of the things I mention a lot is that your goal can be anything.

Do not limit it to just her number, you can ask her on a date straight,  in fact, that is what I do most times, after vibing with a lady in the first 15 minutes, I usually go straight in setting up a date, it’s safe my energy and time.

I will show you a few examples below on how to ask her on a date.

However, going for her number is not a bad idea, if you feel your approach it’s not that solid!

 Take her on a date phase.


I assume you are not going to ask her to be your girlfriend during your first meeting? Which may be a bad idea!

To finally confess how you feel about her, settling in for a date is the best option👍

Basics guide on how to ask a girl out on a date!

• via text

• face2face

How to ask a girl out on a date over text

Now that you’ve gotten her number, the big step is to set a date but prior to that, it’s advisable to know a couple of things about her in order to set the perfect date, most guys do this over text, it’s safe and effective.

However, for girls, a text may be a sort of closure to know you more and finally decide if the date is happening

Tips to guide you through;

keep the conversation short:it’s proven the more you text a girl, the less she sees you as a potential boyfriend and more as a friend.

This is why

•if your conversation is lengthy, chances increase, you might say things to offend her.

•The urge to see you in person might disappear.

•she might starts to see you as a talkative

Text her less often: Although there is no particular pattern on when to text a lady.

The level in which you text varies based on your connection with her

In the first week, it’s  advisable to hit her up twice a week, you can increase it with time.

Text her only when she is most likely to be free and you have something to say!

How to know when she is free?

Listen to her clue, is she a morning person or evening.

Know when she is free-You can check          her social media page, when she is usually available or get an idea of her job, this might also help you.

Avoid the mind game, it’s old and can easily backfire, when she finally start chatting with you, don’t waste the attention by keeping her unread

Keep the texts simple: Flirting and joke are the most important parts of texting , but implying these tools and getting the right result is often said than done, lots of emotions may keep flowing in. Will she misinterprete it?, is she in the right mood?

Since she can’t hear your tone or see your body signal, things might be awkward at some point

Considering stuffs like this, for someone, you haven’t built a strong connection with, it’s safe to keep the flirt and jokes till when you meet facially!

Finally don’t waste time before you ask her on a date!

Be straightforward and confident when asking out on a date.

How to ask a girl out face2face.

It’s not a secret, that girls prefer being asked out on a date face to face to over text because they get the prospect to ascertain how confident you’re.

There is more to asking a lady on a date face to face than memorizing what to mention or looking good, which also are important!

This is how to ask a girl out on a date and get yes!

Ensure the spot is perfect: The spot is going to determine how she react to your gesture

Imagine this :

She is with her boss or business associates and you show up to ask her on a date.

Do you expect a yes?

No, not likely!

Approach her when she is with no one and not in a hurry

Let your approach scream confident:

This is what every ladies like, a confident guy!

To be a bit nervous is normal and understandable but don’t show it

Amy Cuddy, a Harvard psycologist says that the best way to become self-confident is to fake it till you have it.

You have already make the move by approaching her, don’t get in the way of your opportunity!

Be sincere with your intention:

Girls aren’t dump,  they are aware of what you want immediately you approach them, they just want to hear it!

Dont skirt around the subject, be sincere with your intention.

If you keep beating around the bush because you are scared she will say No, you are just going to end up looking like a creep which is worst than rejection

Having trouble in getting the perfect lines to say, check this out!, it’s simple and effective.

Hey i know this is a bit random but I just wanted to say you caught my eye and  really like to see you again,may i ask you on a date?

Hey just passing by, you look gorgeous, can I ask you out on a date? We can check out this amazing restaurant down the street, if you free on Friday evening

Common error you should avoid

  • Looking down as you speak
  • Cross your legs/arm
  • Hand movement when talking
  • Bending your back.
  • Having to use the word ‘maybe’ ‘something like that’, to answer if she asks’ date as in a date’.you should be bold and remain clear with what your intention are.

How to land that perfect date and boost your chances of getting Yes!.

A good first impression and a date is sort of a gift-wrapped beautiful, if the wrapper does an excellent job by getting the attention, what comes next is vital also, the item wrapped!
If the item is below expectations, it loses the eye, you need to present yourself in a way she can’t resist you!

Want to make it difficult for her to say No? This will help!

Pick the perfect location

The location you pick set the tone for your date, and this is going to determine whether there will be a second one

In order to land a perfect date, the location needs to be accurate!

Although, there are lot of write up on this topic but for the sake of this article I’ll give a summary of things you ought to know

I assume you must have known a couple of things about her in the GTK phase.this is often where you set it in to use,compile all the small details of her and use it to decide what kind of date you will be having,e.g if she is into sport, surprise her with a ticket to watch a live match.

Don’t take a sporty woman into opera show.

Lastly,do not pick the location if only one of you is a fan or trying to fit in, you should both have fun


Get  your mind right

If we go on a date feeling incapable or unfit, this negative feeling is what we are going to carry throughout the date.

Considering this fact, it might ruin any chance of winning her over

Amy cuddy a human psychologist says that ‘it’s not even about the content of the speech,  it’s about the presence you bring with it’.

So before you go out on a date, you can do power-posing, this might improve your mindset.

Ask an engaging question

A date should be interactive, not one-sided.

As a guy, you’re meant to ask the question unless she decides to. So if you would like an ideal date, confirm your question are engaging I.e its need an explanatory answer, not with yes/no

You don’t have anyone in mind?

Don’t stress yourself, Northwestern University Psychology Professor Dan McAdam studied what it takes to really get to understand someone. He created an inventory of thirty-six questions bound to assist you to understand people on a deeper level and get them to engage

After she is done answering a couple of questions, stare at her for some seconds in a cute way, it sends a sign you enjoy listening  and connecting with her also.

Use the J.F.C tools

I told you earlier during this article that ‘jokes’, flirt’ and ‘ compliment are the important tools use for an efficient conversation when talking with a girl

With a compliment to warm her heart, a flirt to make her blush and a joke to make her laugh, her heart is not that far away from you!

Confess your feelings and Pop the questions

i understand this might be nerve wracking but you have made it this far,so finish the job brillantly!

So how do you say those magical words in the right way?

when there is cessation in the conversation,wear a serious look and switch the conversations into more serious subject.

Calmly confess how you feel and ask her if she will  to be your girlfriend?.

Avoid the use of intense lines from the web or books, this might backfire

Try something like this: we have been seeing each other recently,i’m starting to have feeling for you . would you like to be my girlfriend ?.

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