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Rarible is a community-owned Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Marketplace that focuses on art collectables while MetaMask is one of the most reliable wallets to store crypto and Nft assets.

Similar to OpenSea, Rarible has the option to integrate Metamask which allows users to trade their favourite digital assets smoothly.

Content creators can use Rarible, to create or mint their work in form of Nft, and interested users can purchase and store them securely in MetaMask.

Here comes the question, How do I connect Metamask to Rarible (on phone)?

  • Sign in to your MetaMask wallet account via Phone or Pc
  • Open a new tab and Go to Rarible official site, (Link to Rarible official website)
  • Tap on ‘Connect wallet’ located at the right top corner of the homepage
  • Click on ‘Metamask’ (Among the listed wallet options)
  • Click on the preferred metamask account(s) to be connected
  • Finally, Tap on ‘sign‘ to authenticate the connection

Steps to Connect MetaMask Extension to Rarible

The process of connecting your Metamask wallet extension to Rarible includes

  • Install the Metamask Wallet extension on your PC
  • Visit the Rarible official site(Rarible official site link)
  • Click on the ‘Connect wallet’ icon
  • Connect your wallet

Install the Metamask Wallet extension on your PC

If you’ve installed the Metamask wallet extension on your Pc, you can jump to the next tip

Users who haven’t downloaded/installed the metamask wallet can do so using the following steps.

Visit the Metamask download page, and ensure you are downloading the extension from a legit source, to avoid theft or loss of funds.

The most reliable platform to download the metamask extension is through their official site, here is the link to the metamask official download page.

The Metamask extension can be downloaded with these browsers only;  Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera.

It can also be downloaded as a mobile application(Android and iOS).

Once you’ve downloaded the MetaMask wallet, you’ll be asked to open an account.

Creating an account with MetaMask is quite easy, all it needed is to follow the on-screen instructions. which should take about 15 minutes,

The step-by-step guide to creating a metamask account.

Via one of the supported browsers, visit the Metamask official site(Metamask official site)

Download and Install the Metamask Extension

NB: for the sake of this guide, we are using the Edge browser

On the directed page, click on ‘Get started’ to proceed 

 On the next page, Tap on “Create A Wallet” if you wish to create a new account or click on ‘Import wallet’ If you already have an existing account.


NB; For the sake of this guide, we shall be creating a new account.

Click on ‘I Agree’ to send MetaMask data (or Tap, ‘No thanks’ if not).


Input, confirm a secure password and Tick the Terms of Use.

Put down your backup phrase somewhere safe(You will asked later).

On the Next page, You will be asked to confirm your secret Recovery Phrase (displayed in the previous phase).   



Finally, Tap on ‘All Done’  and log in automatically

Visit the Rarible official site

To connect your metamask wallet to Rarible, you need to go to the Rarible platform, You don’t need to create a Rarible account before connecting to your Metamask wallet.

The Rarible official site.

Click on the ‘Connect wallet’ icon

After visiting the Rarible website, you will be given the options to perform various tasks such as: Explore Rewards, create, and  Connect Wallet Icon.

To connect your metamask to the Rarible platform, Click on the ‘Connect Wallet’ Icon, located at the top bar.

Connect your wallet


After tapping the ‘connect wallet icon’  you will be directed to the new page where you can choose a network you would like to trade your NFTs with.

Choose a Network

Rarible supported Networks are Ethereum, Solana, Tezos, Immutable X and Polygon. However, your choice is limited to only two networks because Metamask support only the Ethereum and Polygon networks among the supported network

We recommend using the Polygon chain because of the low transaction cost. if you want your transaction costs to be taken care of, there are polygon facets you can try out.

Whenever you are done picking the Network of your choice, choose your preferred connection option.

choose a preferred connection option.

There are two ways in which you can connect Metamask to Rarible

Via WalletConnect 

Or simply through Metamask  


This is a long route but also an effective way to connect MetaMask to Rarible

WalletConnect is a convenient service used for connecting dApps (decentralised applications)  to digital wallets (Metamask,trustwallet etc)  via Qr code or deep linking.

To proceed with this option


  • Enter the MetaMask app

  • Tap on the “menu” button located in the upper left corner;

  • Click “wallet”;

  • Tap on the ‘QR-code scanner’ icon in the upper right corner, and fix the phone’s camera to the QR code on the screen;

  • Validate the connection on your phone.

through Metamask

You can simply tap on Metamask among the connection options to connect it with Rarible.

After selecting MetaMask as the connection option, a new window will pop up. You will be asked to unlock your wallet if you have not already done so. Now select the right account you want to connect to Rarible.

Select the right account to connect to rarible

You can also connect multiple accounts at once. Just select the ones you want to link. However, it might not be the greatest and safest to do so.