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Metamask doesn’t support the Tron network, there’s absolutely no way to add the Tron network on Metamask. So I have heard Many times. This is 99.9% correct, but there is a way to tweak the whole thing to work for you.

That is what I will be showing you in this article- How To Add TRX To Your Metamask Wallet?

Since Metamask, the leading non-custodial crypto wallet is not supporting the Tron Network, the best alternative is to add the Binance-Peg TRX token.

TRX (BEP2) is the Binance-Peg version of Tron on the Binance Chain, and it is a replica of Tron on the Binance Network.


Metamask supports any blockchain that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), e.g  Binance Smart Chain, Cronos and Avalanche networks.

Tron Network is not EVN compatible, therefore the Tron token can’t be added to metamask

To add Binance-Peg version of Tron on the Binance Chain to Metamask, users will have to follow the provided guidelines.

How To Add TRX To Your Metamask Wallet


Since adding Tron (TRX) To Metamask is practically impossible, we will illustrate how to add the Binance-Peg TRX token. instead.

Here are th basics steps To Add a Binance-Peg TRX token To Metamask

Download the Metamask App or Enable the metamask Chrome Extension

Add Binance Smart Chain as a default Network. 

‘Import Custom Token’

Copy the contract address for Binance-Pegged TRX

Download the Metamask App or Enable the metamask Chrome Extension

The process of Installing the Metamask App is straightforward for Mobile users.


  • Visit the official Google Play (Andriod Users) or App Store (IOS users) and download Metamask App 
  • Click on the MetaMask application icon to launch the App.
  • Tap on the ‘Start page” and select ” Create a portfolio” among the listed options.
  • Tap on ” create a password“ after inputting your password. For ios users, you are provided with an added opportunity to secure your funds via the Login with Face ID option.
  •  Copy the 12-digit seed phrase, then Tap on the “ Start” page
  •  click on ” Completed ” and ” I accept to open your new Metamask account.
To Enable the Metamask Chrome Extension.
  • Browse for Metamask Extension or Visit Metamask.io.
  • Tap on Metamask and download it to your Chrome browser.
  • Once the Metamask extension download has been completed, Tap on the ” Start button to create a new account.

Add Binance Smart Chain as a default Network. 

Since Metawallet is an Ethereum wallet, we need to configure the wallet by manually adding the Binance Smart Chain to Metamask.

 To manually add BSC to your Metamask extension:

  • Tap on your Metamask profile picture,
  •  Click on “Add network”.

To manually add BSC to your Metamask Mobile App 

  • Click on Settings from the dropdown menu.
  • On the Settings page, Navigate to the Networks menu.
  • To manually add the BNB Smart Chain, Click “Add Network”

NB There are two networks that can be added here-the mainnet or the testnet (We recommend adding Both).

Here are the parameters to fill in.


  • Network Name: Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/
  • ChainID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL: https://bscscan.com


  • Network Name: Smart Chain – Testnet
  • New RPC URL: https://data-seed-prebsc-1-s1.binance.org:8545/
  • ChainID: 97
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL: https://testnet.bscscan.com

After you press the Save button, the network will automatically update your wallet from ETH to BNB. You will notice that units are no longer denominated in ETH, but in BNB.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you are ready for the Next step.

Import Custom Token(Tron) To the Metamask

Once you select  “Import tokens” at the bottom of the page. A pop-up table requesting to fill in Custom Token details will show up.

Metamask Avalanche Import Custom Token

To get the Token Contract Address: Copy the TRX contract address from a credible source ( we recommend CoinMarketCap). and paste it into the Token Contract Address box above. if the address is correct, the remaining empty boxes will be filled in automatically.

After all the boxes are filled, Click on  “Add Custom Token”  to confirm the import of Tron.

Your Tron account should appear as one of your listed tokens in your MetaMask wallet.

if every step mentioned above is duly followed, Anytime you deposit Tron via Binance Smart Chain, it should reflect in your Tron balance in your Metamask Balance.

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