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This page is focused to help you understand how Otomaco read to earn work, who we are and how you can make a substantial amount of money using this platform.

Welcome to Otomaco!

Otomaco read to earn

Welcome to Otomaco!, we are a crypto online community platform. We focused on enlightening Africans especially Nigerians to make the most of the next evolutionary project-Blockchain

The easiest way to explain Otomaco is that it is a read-to-earn crypto community platform that aggregates the latest news across the web and with the help of our authors, we produce well-researched blog posts for our readers.


The Otomaco read-to-earn program is a strategy modelled to enrich the members and readers of the Otomaco site. An online program is driven by the goal of enlightening everyone on the fast-growing industry-Cryptocurrency capable of producing Multimillionaires and solving the financial crises among the youths Who are interested in making the most from the Internet.
Otomaco rewards its members daily for empowering the community by performing basic activities.

We are focused on sharing and publishing cryptocurrency-related.


The Otomaco members can earn daily doing the following

Reading Crypto News and Articles.

If you enjoy reading crypto-related  or surfing the web for crypto topics- the Otomaco community can reward you by performing such activities

As a reader, you will be rewarded based on how much content you view and how long you spend on the site

Earn by Writing an article- Become an Otomaco author.

Anyone who has an Otomaco account can earn writing for Otomaco – there is no other vetting process involved.

To begin the process, sign up now and you are ready to start earning writing for otomaco.

However, your post needs to be a crypto-related topic and must be approved by our Editorial team which can take up to 24 hours.

An author whose article is approved and published on the otomaco site will be eligible to earn based on the number of views, comments and shares of the content generated.

Authors can easily earn up to 10000 Naira daily.

Earn By Sharing and commenting.

If you share your favourite crypto post or News on social media platforms, you will be awarded.

Sharing your thoughts on a Blog post also attract reward.

Your comments need to be approved before you can earn.

Otomaco Affiliate program

If you invite a friend to register for free on the Otomaco site with your referral link, you will be rewarded with a referral bonus.

Referral commission is unlimited


Basics Plan

Earn for Logging In – 20 Naira (once daily)

Reading News and Article- 4 Naira ( Earn on daily News)

Earn for rating a post-2 Naira per Rating (3 times daily)

Earn for social Media share-10 Naira per Single share ( 2 times daily)

Earn for Comment-2 Naira per post-(3 times daily)

Earn for Refferal-2 Naira per Referral (Unlimited)

Earn for submitting Crypto article/News-500 Naira -2  times daily -manual credit.

Members withdrawal Limit -3000 Naira