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Who hasn’t heard of Gaius Chibueze – One of the most influential investors in Africa. Perhaps, you haven’t, you may be asking yourself what makes him popular?. Well, He has tons of followers on social platforms but that wasn’t the reason he became so popular.

Gaius Chibueze is known as a crypto trader and a mentor as well. But he’s probably known for being the first to invest in cryptocurrency – Bitcoin in Nigeria.

This is why it is not surprising that Gaius Chibueze investment strategy Is reckoned with by a large number of Nigerian investors.

Gaius Chibueze observes various tenets and an investment philosophy that is broadly accepted across the globe.

So what are the secrets to his success?? Read on to identify more about Gaius Chibueze strategy and how to become a successful crypto investor by following his doctrine.


Gaius Chibueze preaches on investing in a variety of cryptocurrencies, rather than focusing On one asset.

He believes purchasing Bitcoin is not the best investment strategy for average investors who want to get rich with cryptocurrencies 

Galius Chibueze: A Brief History

Galius Chibueze was born in Ikom, Cross River state. He developed an interest in the business world and investing at an early age including in the crypto market.

He graduated from the college of education Akamkpa before moving back to go to Sheffield Hallam University in 2019. Back in the days, Gaius Chibueze started as a rapper, before taking a turn to artist management.

He earn a considerable amount of attention by hearsay sponsorship from Coca-Cola, social media including Facebook itself when he decided to prove how social platforms can be a useful tool in improving the world by declaring his intention to visit all his 5000 Facebook friends individually.

Galius Chibueze began his career in cryptocurrency in 2011, when he decided to buy an undisclosed amount of Bitcoin. Less than 10 years, in 2020, he created a cryptocurrency, named it TATCOIN, an official currency of ABit Network, a company that concentrates on Blockchain and real estate

That same year, he was brought on to Harvard Business School to speak on the Blockchain technology enlightening Africans at the African Business Conference.

He has since successfully published several books; “How Bitcoin changed my life: A guide to help you understand everything about bitcoin before putting in your money” “Get Rich off the Net: Proven Online Businesses that can make you a Millionaire in 6 Months with Step by Step Strategies”

Gaius Chibueze Philosophy

Gaius Chibueze believes in Long-term investment. However, he’s the sort of investor that believes one can get rich through trading.

Conservative investors look for more gain than loss, so they search for cryptocurrency that is well established.

Trading isn’t a universally acceptable way to build wealth, but one can not withhold how crypto trading has boosted lots of investors income within a short period.

Like Crystal gazers, Crypto Traders looks intently into coin charts to predict the future or distant events relating to the coin.

Galius Chibueze took this spectacular word ‘Crypto Trading’ to another level.

Many notable cryptos investors do not support ‘Trading an asset’.

This is because it attracts high risk which can be detrimental, any error in calculating the outcome of a trade can result in losing entire trade assets within the blink of an eye.

They do trust that the crypto market will eventually favour those who Hodl on quality assets.

Gaius Chibueze, however, isn’t willing to only sit down and wait for an asset to increase in value with time. Gaius chibueze believes in making a quick profit from tradable cryptocurrency assets.

This is the implication from his famous paraphrase saying ‘ the dip is a great opportunity to get some people rich’

Another thing worth mentioning regarding his viewpoint on cryptocurrency is that he strongly believes that to get rich as a New coming crypto investor in the Next five or six years, you need to invest in New generation coins termed ‘latching.

He advises middle-class investors not to invest in Bitcoin because is highly expensive and the return might not be worth it compared to what you could’ve gained from investing in altcoins.

if I hadn’t bought Bitcoin before 2017, I wouldn’t be bothering to buy it to get rich now

Galius Chibueze

Gaius Chibueze Methodology

Gaius Chibueze is well known among crypto-traders after completing a total number of 894 trades in 2019.

This terrific record got him listed among the top cryptocurrency traders in Africa in Binance.

Here is a summary of what he analyses when taking an investment approach on any cryptocurrency.

1)Coin Blockchain

Chibueze Gaius reveal that the number one thing an investor needs to know before investing in any cryptocurrency is to know what blockchain it is built on.

A blockchain is known to create a new token, but there are more to it than minting new tokens.

Various Organisations and Companies make use of Blockchain to enhance their performance especially to carry out complex tasks in a decentralized manner.

If a given Blockchain can attract lots of valuable projects, it is worth increasing with its token.

For example, Recently, the approval of the Bitcoin ETF project has seen the price of Bitcoin spiking to an all-time high of about $69,000.

There are hundreds of blockchain, the 5 major blockchain includes; Bitcoin, Etherum, Binance, Solana and Tron Blockchain

2)Understand the risk involved

Getting to know the risk associated with the coin is another key component Gaius considered carefully.

Investing in cryptocurrency with large market capitalisation is less risky than a small market cap cryptocurrency.

However, cryptocurrency is not all about gains, there will be a time loss is inevitable.

Gaius reflected on during his early stages of Holding when 1 Bitcoin price rose from $1000 to $20000 in a couple of months, then later dropped to $3000, some of the investors who he had advised to buy when the price was pumping sold their BTC at loss, while few who understand the crypto market hold on to their assets.

Early this year 1 BTC is now worth over 60,000 dollars.

3)Coin use case:

Gaius Chibueze typically considers only crypto assets that have a strong use case as a long term investment.

As a result, most of the pump and dump crypto assets that would not last another decade wouldn’t get on Gaius radar.

He said most of the cryptocurrencies today has no true value and only invest in crypto that he fully understands will survive the next dips.

Investing in Coin that has a strong use case requires identifying assets that bring up solutions to vital problems that solving.

Never put your money on an investment for the long term, if price speculation is all you depend on.

A company that doesn’t provide a solution to a problem worth solving will fade off in a short period, it is proven that people tend to invest in stuff that makes lives easier.

Do keep in mind, however, that crypto markets are 50% speculation but when one relies heavily on speculation(70% higher) regarding a coin, it is a red flag you shouldn’t invest in the asset.

For example; when Bitcoin- the leading cryptocurrency was created, it was to serve as a medium to store value, especially for people who have no access to the bank due to local settlements or people who are at the mercy of hyperinflation.

Ethereum serves as a world computer for decentralized applications(DApps), smart contracts and the popularization of NFC.

These assets use cases has seen a spike in value.

4)Founder(s) / Team of Developers

You might probably be thinking of this approach as a radical method of picking a crypto asset.

However, Gaius Chibueze, take this question very seriously. He shies away ( but not always) from cryptocurrency that isn’t founded by the developer(s).

He looks for two major things in a founder or team of developers before investing for the long term, which is experience and passion.

Investors need to make findings regarding the founder(s) past projects, achievements, companies they’ve worked for.

Another crucial question worth asking is, are they passionate about the crypto assets? or are they just looking for a means to make money?.

This can also be answered by how often he likes to talk about the crypto market and the kind of content he releases on his social media platform.

5)Is it cheap?

This is the kicker. Looking for crypto assets that have the above characteristics is one thing, but knowing that they are undervalued is another thing.

Historically, this is Garius Chibueze most attractive skill.

To check this, an investor would like to determine, how valuable will their project be over time, will a large scale of people buy into this project in long run, who are the companies competitors and the current value of the assets.

One can get answers by analysing several fundamental details such as price charts, market capitalization, history records e.t.c. Sounds straightforward Doesn’t it??

Gaius great success which has made him a self multimillionaire, however, depends on his unique skill in accurately knowing a valuable asset that is yet to reach its full potential.

Bottom Line

As you probably noticed, the Gaius investment approach is best fìt when shopping for an altcoin to store for a long term purpose.

His investment style is not without a flaw, but whether you choose to support it or not. The proof is in the pudding