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The beauty of metaverse.

A Lot has been put in writing about the metaverse. More importantly, with big tech institutions such as Facebook, Microsoft, etc getting involved in this space, there’s bound to be new opportunities arising from this sector.

To dive into the top metaverse tokens to invest in, it is important to know the basics.

Just a few weeks ago, Facebook declared openly its intention to rebrand and retire its former name to Meta – the prefix of Metaverse, this is to show support and advertise the next upcoming project they are fully committed to.

However, the second-largest company in the world – Microsoft stated that the enterprise will also be launching its metaverse.

With the race to be the leader of the metaverse in the future, various collaboration has been seen happening between the big companies and on the much brighter side, investors are again given the chance to make more figures.

To be clear, nobody knows yet the future of metaverse or which company might be crowned the emperor of the second world, these are in the early stages.

But there is speculation that the metaverse industry will be worth trillions of dollars in the future.

So what is metaverse?

Assume it as the Internet brought to reality, or in closer look rendered in form of 3D graphical representation.

The CEO of Meta- Mark Zuckerberg has described it as a virtual environment that accommodates everyone via virtual reality eyeglass or headset.
Instead of glancing at a friend through the window of your phone, you can connect with them in the digital world.

Metaverse is said to be the junction between the real world and virtual lives.

Unlike the mini-metaverse – zoom, this new grade of internet composed of

Augmented reality(AR)

Overlay digital objects onto your perspective of the real world, this can be done with the drag and hold option through your smartphone.

For example, Miss Joyce, a wedding planner can present an augmented view of the wedding decoration before the occasion takes place.
Examples of augmented reality apps are Snapchat -( the use of filter), Pokemon video game.

The metaverse delivers a much-enhanced connotation of reality than any other device in use.

Virtual Reality

this is a stimulating experience created by computer technology.

Contrary to augmented reality, Virtual Reality transport the users into a virtual environment, users can engage and interact with each other or object represented by 3D animation.

With the aids of a virtual reality headset or glass, it’s become possible to feel, touch, hear and even smell the artificial world.

In professions like medicine, engineering, even in the military, virtual training is a great substitute to live training because it cut off the need to purchase expensive equipment and foresee a dangerous situation.

Mixed reality: MR makes use of both AR and VR to integrate the physical world and digital world.

The MR utilise advanced technology, graphics and develop a network that allows users to interact with both the virtual and physical object in real-time.

For example, students are provided with an opportunity to be present in a class virtually supposing they cant be present in the physical class

To cut the long story short, The metaverse is an artificial world that enables you, the user to experience a ‘second world’.

Will metaverse change the world?

Like I stated earlier, no one knows for sure what the metaverse future outcome might be.

With the recent move from big companies around the world, this could be the onset of another revolutionary project just like the internet in the 19’s or an expensive mistake in history. only time will tell.

Thinking Forward investors believe this project will be big if successful, despite its criticism Here is why:

An Extended version of the social media:

Facebook a.k.a Meta founder, Mark Zuckerberg writes in a letter while announcing the changing of the company name

“You will be able to teleport instantly as a hologram to be at the office without a commute, at a concert with friends, or in your parent’s living room to catch up.”. Based on his definition, metaverse will deliver things that messenger or other social platforms aren’t capable of.

Mark further bet the future of his trillion dollars company on metaverse stating in the next coming years he wishes people stop seeing Facebook as a social media firm instead, seeing it as a metaverse company.

A boost to the gaming sector: the gaming world is the important feature of metaverse says, Mark Zuckerberg.

It’s clear that whoever wants to rule the metaverse, must include video games, it’s only reasonable that, we the users will love our extended reality experience to be full of outstanding storylines and adventures.

With the race among the top companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google to become the controller of the metaverse, they all need the gaming industry.

However, Fortnite, Roblox, Sweeney among all other gaming companies are committed to war tooth and nail to ensure that they have their share of what comes next with the metaverse.

Soon or Later, the gaming industry will be bigger than it has ever been thanks to the metaverse

A great opportunity for Job employment: the metaverse is set to provide job opportunities to millions of people globally.

Facebook hired over 10, 000 people in Europe to work on bringing the metaverse alive.

New space for NFT and crypto

For metaverse to become a world of its own, it going to need its virtual currency, this is where the cryptocurrency intervene.

In the early start of his interview that took place two weeks ago, Mark started that NFT will be traded in the metaverse.

The non-fugitive token will represent a metaphysical item such as clothing’s, footwear, accessories and a lot more.

The metaphase will be a space where crypto, Nft and gaming collide.

Bloomberg believes that the metaverse could reach 800 billion by 2024.

Crypto investors who believe in the Metaverse future needs to start investing now.

Key takeaway:

It's advisable to adopt the Diversification theory of investment I.e not to invest all your funds into one token.

Massive returns will be seen when Metaverse is fully functional which could take at least 2-3 years.

Personal research should be done, before investing any of the tokens

Outside the highly hyped Facebook and Microsoft metaverse, Here are the top 7 Metaverse Tokens to invest in

Axie Infinity
Efinity Token
UFO Gaming
Star Atlas


Decentraland, built-in 2015 is a software operating on ERC 20 that aims to incentivize a widespread network of users to share the virtual world experience.

The native currency in Decentraland is MANA.
Decentraland users can purchase and choose to sell digital property while seeking an adventure within the digital world.

The two acceptable tokens in Decentraland includes:
LAND(a non-fugitive token utilized to represent the ownership of land or real estate within the virtual world).

MANA: this is a decentralised cryptocurrency that enables its user to acquire virtual property such as Land, goods and actions within the Decentraland virtual space.

Acquiring MANA also provides the privilege to vote on the policy update.

Decentraland market capitalisation values are estimated to be over 5 Billion dollars.

Axie Infinity

This is a virtual space containing fierce, lovely pets named Axie.

Axie can be combated, obtained and used to earn digital currency with real value.

Axie infinity governance token is AXS.

To earn more cryptocurrency, Users could either staked AXS tokens or play the game.

Axis infinity awards its user smooth love portion (SLP) token for winning battles and adventure in the game.

Jeff zerlin, the co-founder of sky mavis, the company behind Axie infinity mentioned in an interview with Bloomberg that Axie infinity is a source of income in developing countries that depends on a couple of dollars per day and has provided job employment opportunities for gamers.

Axis infinity is considered one of the promising metaverse tokens to invest in.


The Sandbox is a decentralised blockchain digital world that enables its users to create, develop and trade digital assets such as Land etc.

SAND is the token used to trade Assets on The Sandbox virtual world.

The gaming world is yet untapped industry when it comes to the adoption of blockchain technology.

In a couple of years, Blockchain gaming technology could explode to be worth a significant amount of money, Sandbox, one of the leading industry could have its share in the growth.


Blocktopia is a polygon-based decentralised metaverse.

The native token of Blocktopia is BLOK.

The primary aim of Blocktopia is to serve as a central hub of all levels of cryptocurrency knowledge.

With Blocktopia, users can have entry to all crypto information and immersive content all in one location.

Which is a new thing in the crypto industry.
Blok will be used to buy commodities from within Blocktopia, for illustration, real estate upgrades or buying items within the virtual world.

The price of Blok is set to increase, this is the result of burning all Blok utilized to purchase real estate thereby decreasing the overall supply of the token

Efinity Token

Efinity is the cross-chain Nft blockchain, built for games, apps, company to provide NFT tokens to vast users.

Game Creators can use Efinity tokens to develop a distinctive currency for a gaming community that can be wielded on any platform.

The Effinity gaming world has over 250,000 gaming communities and around 19 million registered gamers.

It is evaluated to be one of the suitable metaverse tokens to invest in for the future.

To invest in Effinity coin, crypto exchanges such as Binance, Okex, Ftx and Coin Tiger are credible marketplaces to buy Effinity coin

UFO Gaming

Ufo gaming is a purely non-centralised Intergalactic social gaming token.

The UFO gaming token is needed for everything related to UFO.

With strong communities behind this project, UFO gaming is labelled to be the next infinity.

Designed on Ethereum Blockchain, UFO gaming positions players within a ‘Dark metaverse’ a closed-loop ever-improving ecosystem Comprising numerous play to earn ‘P2E’ games.

Experts believe that UFO gaming could reach the Axie infinity standard in a short time, considering the UFO company smashed the 1 billion dollars market cap milestone in its first year alone.

However, UFO gaming has a lot to prove, to compete with its rival- Axie infinity a 10 billion market value company. In a brighter view, a second chance for investors that missed on Axie.

Star Atlas

Atlas the native token of Star Atlas will be used as a currency In multiplayer games that take place in a virtual gaming traverse.

What set Star Atlas apart is the combination of different gameplay.

It offers the option to earn via staking, combat with other gamers for virtual assets which can be exchanged for real-life currency or explore Its virtual world and form an alliance simultaneously.

An attribute that is not common in other decentralised gaming industries.

With the backing of some incredibly heavy hitters in the crypto space, it’s expected that the Star Atlas token will strongly appreciate over time.