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In the world of New advancements in technology, a few trends have grasped the public imagination like Metaverse, probably because of the brief description of what the metaverse can do by Mark Zuckerberg(CEO of Meta).

We are excited by the idea to work from home and being able to explore a man-made world, to sense and adventure a digitalized space with all our sense organs or end up wasting time and effort in a digital world.

Whenever the news about Metaverse makes the headline, a new wave of speculation arises about the future and the greatest concern is its security risk, will it be secure for everyone? will our conversation be monitored??

The metaverse gaming world remains elusive for most gamers. They may as well be the deriving force to influence the public to the metaverse.

And for the majority of people who have never experienced the virtual reality – metaverse or traded the Non-fungible token – the digital assets within the metaverse space, may as well represent land, clothing, accessories e.t.c

There are lots of myths about the Metaverse which danger posed by mishandling of users’ data, hijacking of avatar, high cost of living and so on, while there is little truth to these presumptions, for the most part, these are misconceptions based on media depiction of people who have not done due diligence on metaverse.

We shall be discussing common myths about the Metaverse but before that, let’s talk briefly about the metaverse.

Key takeaway

There are many misconceptions about the user’s security and the transparency of the metaverse company in handling users’ data.

The metaverse is more than just a fantasy world, a substantial amount of income can be generated common myths about metaverses are that they are very expensive to get into and will eventually be controlled by one company.

What is the Metaverse?

So many people get confused about what the metaverse is and to put it in a simpler form, it’s a modern way for people to interact with online content, so rather than engaging with 2-dimensional applications on your smartphone, or thumbing through the web pages, this online site is converted into a 3- dimensional space.

For example, Users are enabled to interact with online stores while shopping, instead of just looking at those objects through the window of your smartphone, you can touch, feel, and lift them as an in-game character or avatar.

Not only that, Users (who will be represented with a unique avatar ) can go out to have fun with their friends in the metaverse while they are in different parts of the world in real-time, this is listed under the social value of the Metaverse. Imagine you bump into your favourite celebrity avatar in the metaverse!!

So the notion of the Metaverse would be like an engaging extension of the internet where users will be equipped to transport to a virtual environment, represented by distinctive avatars.

What does it take to be a metaverse user?

The metaverse is engaging in one or various combinations of reality.

There are three different categories of reality; virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.

You could explore any of the aforementioned reality or the combo with the use of a computer, mobile device, gaming console, wearable technology, or VR glasses depending on your choice of reality.

For example, Virtual reality which is the most talked-about requires the need for a VR headset or glasses while augmented only needs a smartphone to access it

The augmented metaverse imposes the use of smartphones or computers with your mouse.
Important: If you are still not sure if metaverse is for you, begin with augmented reality.

Augmented reality is cheap and the most common reality.

Here are various examples of augmented reality games; Pokemon, Axie Infinity, zombies run e.t.c

So let’s have a look at popular myths about Metaverse

Four myths about Metaverse you should never fall for

Metaverse is a completely fresh trending technology

Metaverse is far from being a new concept
Similar to computers and AI.

Metaverse is a relatively aged invention that has just kept developing throughout the last couple of quinquennial.

The first trace of this technology is more than a decade ago – The prototype was ‘The second Life’ video game.

All the basic concepts of what we will be referred to as the metaverse are in existence already – including social functions and activities among its users such as partying gaming e.t.c.

Other companies have adopted the use of metaverse for years now to connect with their users. For instance in the gaming industry; Roblox Minecraft, Fornite, Axie Infinity, and Star atlas among others.

However, Some of them are only augmented reality-based games but with the vast numbers of people coming to the space, big companies are getting to invest in VR hardware.

Metaverse discourages real-life activity –

The CEO of Pokemon had warned against a virtual metaverse, he called it a dystopian nightmare.

Instead of having people disappear into a digital space, where every interaction is done virtually, Hank prefers augmented reality instead, he urges everyone to communicate and connect with the people and the real world around us.

In contrast, Mark Zuckerberg believes the metaverse is the “successors to mobile internet” . an innovation that will reform our lives by enabling us to almost do everything online.

For instance, in the business sector, The metaverse will reduce the need to book a ticket anytime you need to meet with business associates.

It will be expensive to get started

Getting with metaverse will cost a fortune
Inescapably, there will be costs associated with using metaverse, similarly to how we pay to make use of the internet via ISP and pay for cellular networks, especially since the metaverse is the extension of mobile internet.

However, making use of the Metaverse app itself should be without cost or almost so. famous metaverse applications such as Sandbox, and Horizon among hundreds of others are free to play.

Most expenses associated with Metaverse would be the network charges and getting a Virtual headset. Compare to tech hardware, the prices of VR decrease every year.

It’s established to fulfil the end of the world prophecy

This is a fast-growing myth among churches today.

Numerous Christians argue that a metaverse is a new way invented by the devil to steal their soul therefore they must avoid it at all costs.

They are convinced that any Metaverse that will teleport their consciousness to another world is going to lead them to Hell.

A unified freakout started up after Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement when a magazine circulated via catholic publication titled – “Christians, Beware of Metaverse”

In the article composed by David Larson, he stated some valid points about the conceivable breach of privacy and addictive traits of the metaverse.

David Larson started on the hysteric ideology by stating that the virtual world also known as Metaverse will control our minds the same as the Internet has done.

It’s a partially faulty assumption because if there’s one thing the internet has proved itself capable of doing over years past, it’s connecting the world.

Another experience is when I had a conversation with a pastor regarding the Metaverse, after a long discussion on how amazing the modern internet will impact lives when fully implanted, he replied that the technology is inspired by the devil and solely believes “It’s a bridge between the humans and demons”.

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