BlockchainCom will gift out Free Domain Names to Users.

  • Users can now join the waitlist on Friday as the organization give out free domains in the coming weeks.

Crypto company will grant its users free “.blockchain” domain names aided by Unstoppable Domains, the firm declared openly on Friday. The recent option came as a likely challenge to Ethereum Name Service.

Readable Crypto Addresses

Based on the crypto firm official blog post, the recently disclosed feature will authorize 82 million enrolled users to acquire a .blockchain domain through the agreement with Unstoppable Domains. Unstoppable Domains is an NFT domain name provider and digital identity protocol working on domains linked to readable crypto addresses.

These fresh features can enable users to transact cryptocurrencies through crypto addresses with readable names.
In the coming weeks, each wallet user can get a free customized domain linked with their wallet. The .blockchain domain is easy not to forget crypto address that lets users send assets without being entangled in a string of complex blends of characters and digits.

“Instead of having to copy-and-paste long complex wallet addresses like bc1qw508d6qejxtdg4y5r3zarvary0c5xw7kv8f3t4, you can simply type in an easy-to-remember domain like john.blockchain.”

The announcement arrived as a step further from the company’s prior statement, endorsing a variety of domain endings, including .x, .nft, .wallet, .coin, .bitcoin, .dao, and more.

The recent feature has placed the crypto corporation as “the first company to have a hammered top-level domain with Unstoppable Domains.”

Unstoppable Domains’ website reveals that each domain name is an NFT minted on Polygon, implying that it is unique and fully recorded on the blockchain. It’s also worth pointing out that some popular domain endings are on sale for $100,000 on the website.

An Alternative to ens. eth

By exploiting the popular Ethereum Name Service (ENS), users also get to restructure the domain names for their crypto addresses. On top of Ethereum addresses, ENS also gives domains for crypto wallets, websites, content, and hashes, with the capacity of assembling one’s online metadata and addresses under one nickname.

Due to the essence of each ENS domain, crypto natives verged to bid for the popular names – related to people who struggled for DNS names during the early days of the Internet. Moreover, ENS users must spend a $5 yearly fee for names lengthier than 5 characters on ENS Apps.’s recent act gives users an alternative to ENS – the biggest domain service in the industry currently with more than a million active accounts – as the firm perceived that a readable address can help introduce crypto-related services to a larger population.


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