Bitcoin, Dogecoin, ETH halt losing streak, as Cardano, Terra plunge

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin regained their footing, while Terra and Cardano failed to follow the same path, heading down the hills in a tough month for the cryptocurrency market.

In the last 24hour, BTC surged out of the bearish zone by 0.97% to lift its asking price to $36,906.31, having exchanged investors hands at a low of $35,730.45, and a high of $37,544.20 during the same period.

Travelling the same route is the second most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum, which saw an uptick of 0.81% between Tuesday and early Wednesday, to sell for $2,453.31.

Although ETH had traded at a high of $2,508.06 in the crypto market, but it later declined in value to $2,351.91 before heading towards $2,453.31 on Wednesday morning.

During the same 24hour period, Dogecoin’s market price rose to $0.14 per coin, after appreciating by 5.04%, having initially traded at the cost of $0.15, only to nosedive to $0.13, then shoot for the moon again.

But while the aforementioned cryptocurrencies were aiming for the sky, Terra Luna was depreciating, shedding 4.80% in market value, as investors sold off at $62.81 early Wednesday.

Terra had, however, traded in the last 24hour at a low of $61.75 and a high of $67.18 on Tuesday.

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Another notable cryptoasset taking the plunge was Cardano, which had exchanged hands in the digital market during the previous day for as low as $0.99, before rising to $1.07.

Cardano, however, depreciated from its 24hour high to settle at $1.04, after declining in value by 4.80% as at the time of filing this report, reflecting a sluggish upward movement in the crypto market.

Cryptocurrencies have been battling with investors favouring United States bonds as preferable safe haven to hedge against inflation, after the US Federal Reserves disclosed that it would be selling at a higher rates.

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